Feizal Hartawan was a teenager had born 23 May 1996 in Bogor, and he is better known as ical (nickname when young) He is a student, he liked to write, he already have some stories and song lyrics. He can say he's selfish and often got into trouble because it's selfish nature, but he remained on the principle that he had the "Do not ever listen to others when your way is true" unless he asked for the opinion of someone.

But even so he was a very nice and friendly even though he's a bit arrogant but he is a good person and a bit to load. He also always makes other people upset because his actions but he kept repeating it again.

Feizal Hartawan have a favorite singer of for him most inspiring and life changing is erratic but because she, Feizal now more willing to deal with something and he is free for expression.

just call Lady Gaga[1], an American singer who is very successful but simple and care for everyone and is never afraid to do something

Nama Lady Gaga Lahir New York, USA Profesi Penyanyi, Produser, Penulis Lagu

that would make a bad name because of Gaga thinks it is a way to do something that she wants to retain in popularity but nevertheless she still care example she knows there is a fans who died and she went to talk about this to Obama, is there any other artists like that?. This is the reason Feizal Hartawan like Lady Gaga[2]

Not only that, Gaga also has an achievement that very much and if she had always dreaded by all the singers when getting the same category and Gaga also set records in Video Music Award [3] 2010 by getting 13 nominations and get 8 awards.

that's what makes Feizal inspired and can be himself even though he tried hard but to love himself and create something that he wants to use his own way.

Until now Feizal still like writing, like in blog, create a story or make a song for him was very enjoyable and exciting than playing because he could imagination, but Feizal also humans who can get bored and tired with his imagination so sometimes a story that he made a little weird and no roads.

Feizal Hartawan already has 2 stories namely: Black Moon and Buttercup: 9 Heirloom